Big Events in Small Warsaw

If you’ve been wondering what the Roaming Warcor has been up to, well, wonder no more. The last few months have been very busy, with work season coming to an end, but also with some Infinity goodness. I had the pleasure of playing in a couple of big tournaments (Wrocław in August, with 25 people attending, and Poznań in November, with 36 atendees – I’m still planning to add notes on that sometime in the undefined future) but local activity has died down a little bit after we were forced to relocate the club and had difficulties finding a new locale.

Long story short, we eventually ended up in a Christian foundation that was kind enough to take us in. What that meant for me, however, was that I had to organise a tournament with only around 30 days left until go-time – as the usual slot for Warsaw Open is November-December of every year. That might not seem like a major problem, but was a headache for two reasons. First, we didn’t know exactly how many tables we could fit in the new venue, so I had to limit the attendance to 30 people (which I now know was too much anyway) and two, there was a limited time window to contact potential sponsors.

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