The Roaming Warcor

The idea for this blog came to me, as many things do, on a long bus journey. Looking at the changing countryside from a comfortable seat of a vehicle has this kind of meditative trait that makes you contemplate things.

I like travelling and meeting new people and cultures, and one of my hobbies is Infinity:The Game, a tabletop war-game. I am a Warcor for the company producing it, which means I demonstrate the game to potential new players and I promote the game and the company itself through various kinds of events.

Infinity, being a small-scale skirmish war-game means that I can travel with a tournament-sized force to any of the places I visit – 15 models can fit in any bag without too many problems.

I wanted this blog to be of use for those looking for information on where they can play Infinity if they are visiting a new place for a short time. I know sometimes it can be a difficult task to get hold of such information without the necessary contacts, and so… here we go.