Exclusive Interplanetario Sneak Peek, Part Two

Continued from here, this is just a part of a series of articles regarding the recent Interplanetary tournament held in Vigo, Spain. You can find out more about the Infinity background thanks to Jan, who went to the Interplanetary with questions from the Polish and German communities.

Will the calendar of the setting start moving forward?
We always try to add new things into the lore with each released book. It has happened in C:Paradiso and in the Dire Foes lore packages. The intention is to add new lore elements in each book. For example, the next book will mention what has happened in Operation:Flamestrike on the Flamia island, in the campaign ran by Beasts of War. It is a challenge for the company, because the background has to now accommodate the narrative the players themselves created and it needs to be made plausible, too.

Maybe the RPG will further develop the timeline?
Indeed but it’s a little stressful for me to think about that. I need to remember how the decisions we make for the RPG will affect the miniature game. I not only have to check my notes, look up what I have planned for a specific plot arc, but I also need to develop new scenarios. Modiphius is releasing a lot of books and all that information needs to be tied with the miniatures game. We don’t want to make mistakes.Caskuda_zps40d874f7

Are the Exrah dead for good?
They are not removed from the game world, they are still a small group within the Ur Hegemony. The Concordat, who stole weapon from the EI, were destroyed and are now replaced by the Commissariat, a different Exrah group from a different branch. There was, for example, a planned Exrah mercenary character in the first edition of Infinity, but he wasn’t meshing with the background well enough, so he got the axe. The idea of bug-like aliens is liked very much by Carlos Torres, but they are not being developed right now. 3D modelling will make their return easier, but they are still a long way from home. Even though there are many people who call for more alien races, they unfortunately have to be humanoid in nature because not too many players would identify with a force of angry amoebas.

Do PostHumans participate in O.S.S missions for ALEPH?
Yes, they belong within that branch of ALEPH. They will be in that sectorial if it ever gets created. The thing is that most of the ALEPH models that do not belong in the Phalanx belong in the O.S.S.

Why don’t the Homeridae possess G: Remote Presence?
Probably because the players who don’t play ALEPH would kill me. In all seriousness, I understand this question, but you really have to consider the point of view of other players. Fluff-wise, they could possess the skill, but for the sake of balance we did not grant them access to that. The Homeridae do operate without being connected to the Data Sphara for long swathes of time. ALEPH also makes is Phalanx units very human-like, so they are easily accepted as role models by humans. They are very similar to us, humans. The Homeridae are, for example, afraid of dying, of having their Cubes contaminated. In this they are similar to the ancient Samurai, as they consider themselves already dead and will fight with no remorse. O.S.S is cold and mechanic. A.S.S is more human than humans themselves.
Thrasyp-Dossier-2014aTalking about Cube contamination, we have Odysseus – what happened to him?
He died, his Cube contaminated. He is gone.

Will we see more recreations of historical figures? Apart from Steel Phalanx characters?
The problem here is that Recreations are very, very expensive. Most of the named characters in the Phalanx are not actual Recreations, but Myrmidons or Thorakitai who obtained a nickname based on their performance in battle. There’s not enough information to recreate many other historical figures. The “real” recreations are Achilles, Hector, Joan, Sun Tze, Salah ad-Din, Avicenna, Wallace… There might be one more Recreation in the future, but ALEPH at the moment is not interested in the project anymore. Someone else needs to pay for it. ALEPH may also be afraid of creating more rogue AIs, like it happened in the case of Avicenna.

Why don’t the Devil Dogs have tails?
They cut them off themselves. They are so crazy that they were able to do it.

Do the Nomads have independent Military bodies operating outside of the Jurisdictional Commands?
No, apart from the Black Hand maybe… but it’s not a military unit, it’s an intelligence service.

How are Hassassin recruited?
We know only a few things about them. The Assassins are always searching for people who would be of interest for the Hassassin Society. The Hassassin operating within the Human Sphere do not only perform target removal missions, a big chunk of their time is spent gathering intelligence. If you want to join the Society, you need to be of the same mindset as them. There is a lot of Hassassin coming from the Daylami tribes as that’s where the Hassassin have located the majority of their training camps. Not all the Hassassin are Fiday, mind you, some are just intel gatherers. Most of the Hassassin, if not all of them, come from the faction of Haqqislam.
Hassassin-thought-e1409135125450How does the State Empire control the JSA and maintain order within the ranks of the Japanese?
The idea is that the Japanese Sectorial Army is part of Yu Jing. Only the Kempeitai are working against the State. The regular Sectorial Army is actually treated as a normal Sectorial unit. There are no Commisars shooting people, there are no technical devices monitoring minds. They are sometimes distrusted and bullied, but left alone, not commanded through fear or imposition.

Do male O-Yoroi pilots also wear stockings?
Yes, but they call them jumpsuits. This is the best way of piloting a TAG – wearing a skin-suit that provides a sensoric mesh that allows operation of the TAG. However, look at Joe Turner. He is wearing fatigues, but he has connectors directly implanted into his body. Old tech used connectors, but they got replaced some time ago. Modern pilots don’t use connectors anymore.

Is Toni really, really dead?
I’m afraid that the answer is yes. She suffered a Real Death, there’s no chance of recovering her Cube. That’s what happens to real heroes. They die. That’s when they become heroes, actually.13925012_10154005940428842_8265553051774188407_nContinued here


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