Exclusive Interplanetario Sneak Peek, Part Two

Continued from here, this is just a part of a series of articles regarding the recent Interplanetary tournament held in Vigo, Spain. You can find out more about the Infinity background thanks to Jan, who went to the Interplanetary with questions from the Polish and German communities.

Will the calendar of the setting start moving forward?
We always try to add new things into the lore with each released book. It has happened in C:Paradiso and in the Dire Foes lore packages. The intention is to add new lore elements in each book. For example, the next book will mention what has happened in Operation:Flamestrike on the Flamia island, in the campaign ran by Beasts of War. It is a challenge for the company, because the background has to now accommodate the narrative the players themselves created and it needs to be made plausible, too.

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