A visit to the Mute Country

Last week, I had the pleasure of playing in a place far away from home. My Tohaa were tested against some new opponents. I even managed to meet some people I already know from elsewhere!

First, to answer the question of where exactly the Roaming Warcor has gone to, the Mute country from the title is actually Germany.Several places in the world are called differently in Polish than they are in any other language. Italy is called Włochy, and Hungary is Węgry, for example. Germany, in our funny language is called “Niemcy”, which, according to language scholars means “(Those) People who cannot speak”. Which makes fine sense, as since time long gone, the western borders of Poland was where the domain of the various Slavic peoples ended and where the Germanic people ruled. It’s a slight simplification, of course, as even today there are some Slavic people are living in Germany. For example, the regional parliament in Brandenburg even adopted a resolution to use the Lower Sorbian language as the second official language of the Land, and the Minister (regional Governor) of Saxony is actually a member of the Slavic minority. I heard he has a Polish wife, too…

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