The Biggest Event of the year in Poland

The past weekend, the Infinity community of Poland was celebrating its biggest event of the year – the Polish Open Championship. This year the privilege of organising it went to Garran, the Warcor from Chełmża. We knew from previous years that the event was always top-notch, but this year I was positively surprised with both the attendance, the level of the tables and armies presented, and the amount of prize support provided by different sponsors.
Chełmża in itself is nothing remarkable, a small town with an eclectic mix of old medieval buildings and modern architecture. In times long gone it used to be a feudal town owned by the Teutonic Knights, the Military Order with which the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth has fought for more than 200 years. Today, it is more known for a very vibrant miniature games community.

When we arrived on Friday, the table setup was already under way. Although the event was to begin at 11.00 on the next day, some players were already around and helping with the setup. We brought five tables from our club in Warsaw and set them up – I’m proud to say they were one of the nicer looking ones. After setting up, Friday was spent on socializing, but not for too long – everyone wanted to get a good nights sleep before the main event of the next day.


The calm before the storm


Our club table, with Plasma Terrain, MAS, ZEN Terrain and Esgraf elements


The MAS table that was provided to the Warsaw community 2 years ago for the first Polish Championships

The only negative factor of the whole event was the weather – with more than 35 degrees Celsius and no working air-conditioning, I went through all 5 of my shirts very fast – thankfully I took my linen shirts that I also took to Spain for the last Interplanetario. Tournament experience!


Yes, that is a towel

During the course of 5 games, the 56 players in attendance managed to establish who was the best player in the country. After the dust settled, Łysy, running a Steel Phalanx list was crowned the champion. Top 10 was full of very good players though from all the different Infinity locales from this part of Europe – not only did we play with the top 5 of the last Interplanetario – Michał, Sathuli and Kristoff, but we also had guests from Finland (who drove for 17 hours to provide us with the disgusting amazing Salmiakki) and Lithuania (this group, on the other hand, brought their own terrain! ).


Truly, it is an acquired taste

There was also a painting competition – the level of armies presented was amazing! The mini that stole the spotlight was Nazroth’s Tomcat Mercy – truly stunning.



The world could always use more heroes!

The variety in armies on display was great, although as far as I know I was the only Bahram player in attendance. I loaned my Tohaa to a friend and he came second – he was the only Tohaa to attend the tournament, though.


Day 1 in motion

I brought two lists to the tournament – both were similar to each other as they based on a 5-man Ghilim link but they differed in the details. One used a Muyib Haris and a Ragik Hacker (a list I used vs Alien enemies), while the other one used a Govad Haris and Al-Djabel (the Human Sphere list). The Haris are a great addition to the sectorial and I will definitely be using more of them – the Muyibs more than the Govads, though. I like the possibilities that V:Dogged offers. I am very happy to report that I managed to land 10th, after winning 3 games and losing two. Among the swag I brought home is a sweet Krakot stand-in and some special Salmiakki!



My Ayyar. I didn’t use him, though…


One remarkable fact that we noticed at the award ceremony was that the tournament was attended by all the Polish Warcors currently active. We managed to secure a family photo commemorating the fact.


Mruczysław, Kędzior, Garran, Me, Sambor

As a Warcor myself I feel it is our duty to promote companies and individuals who provide us with merchandise we can later redistribute. Hence, the list of the sponsors of the tournament:

Corvus Belli

ZEN Terrain

Top Down Terrain

Baltazar Games
logo (1)

logo (2)

Micro Art Studio


The tournament was also sponsored by local entities, such as the municipal and provincial government, as well as the local library.

All in all, a very good event and among the biggest of this kind in the world. I am very happy to have been a part of it and will definitely come next year.


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