A LARP Weekend – Dreamforge, Riga

Just this weekend I participated for the first time in a Model United Nations Conference in Riga, Latvia. As it turned out, Model United Nations (MUN for short) is a fairly popular conference type where participants act as mock-up UN delegates attending an official meeting of said organization. You get to vote and discuss topics such as human rights in South Sudan or how to cope with global warming and then you need to draft a resolution akin to the ones passed in the real UN. Sometimes, depending on the committee you participate in, you resolve historical crises, such as the Bolshevik revolution or the war of Independence in Ireland. All in all, it’s a fun LARP activity, for those who are a interested in politics and diplomacy and I very much recommend it.


Swag, is what I call it.

Besides my suit and some reading material I also made sure to pack 300 points of my Asari Tohaa. I knew I would be facing ALEPH, so I opted to take 2 Gao-Raels, something that I rarely do.

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The Roaming Warcor

The idea for this blog came to me, as many things do, on a long bus journey. Looking at the changing countryside from a comfortable seat of a vehicle has this kind of meditative trait that makes you contemplate things.

I like travelling and meeting new people and cultures, and one of my hobbies is Infinity:The Game, a tabletop war-game. I am a Warcor for the company producing it, which means I demonstrate the game to potential new players and I promote the game and the company itself through various kinds of events.

Infinity, being a small-scale skirmish war-game means that I can travel with a tournament-sized force to any of the places I visit – 15 models can fit in any bag without too many problems.

I wanted this blog to be of use for those looking for information on where they can play Infinity if they are visiting a new place for a short time. I know sometimes it can be a difficult task to get hold of such information without the necessary contacts, and so… here we go.