Small Skirmish in Białystok

Hey there, long time no see! Contrary to every piece of advice found on influencer blogs, I have significantly reduced my posting rate – and there are many reasons for this, but the most important one is that I don’t play Infinity often enough anymore and I don’t travel enough to have any new material to post about. However, I still try to reach out to communities in towns I’ll be visiting and get a game with a local. It was no different this time, when I went to visit my father, who originally comes from a small village in the Podlasie region, in the the North-East of Poland.

My father, like most Varsovians of his generation, is not originally from the capital of Poland. The main reason for that is that many of the original inhabitants of the city were either killed or displaced during World War II. My father came to the capital to study in 1980s. My family on my mother’s side has been in Warsaw for a generation longer, but my grandma also came to Warsaw to work, shortly after the war.

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A feast for the Seoul

This time my roaming activities took me to further away from home than ever. My girlfriend was asked to become a godmother for a friend living in Seoul, and so we grabbed that opportunity and started preparations for the travel to the Far East. I was surprised to learn about the number of Christians in Korea, myself. In the past, South Korea used to be a country following the teachings of Kong Qiu, known in Europe as Kong Fuzi or Confucius. Today, however, the majority admits having no religion. However, among those who do believe, the various sects of Christianity take the first place with around 1/3rd of the total. Therefore, becoming a Godmother for a Korean is actually not as weird as it sounds at first.

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A gate to Nerddom – Wrota, Szczecin

Long time no see, right? Right.

Seems like the Roaming Warcor has not been doing that much roaming lately. That, connected with the fact my group picked up Malifaux (try it out, it’s a nice game, but completely different to Infinity. Plus, it has very peculiar aesthetics. Not for everyone, that’s for sure), meant that there is very little time to do Infinity. I was more concentrated on trying to introduce new players into the game than playing myself, but that’s about to change.

Seems like there actually might be some roaming in the future – I’m looking at a possible move to western Poland or eastern Germany. Time will tell.

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Big Events in Small Warsaw

If you’ve been wondering what the Roaming Warcor has been up to, well, wonder no more. The last few months have been very busy, with work season coming to an end, but also with some Infinity goodness. I had the pleasure of playing in a couple of big tournaments (Wrocław in August, with 25 people attending, and Poznań in November, with 36 atendees – I’m still planning to add notes on that sometime in the undefined future) but local activity has died down a little bit after we were forced to relocate the club and had difficulties finding a new locale.

Long story short, we eventually ended up in a Christian foundation that was kind enough to take us in. What that meant for me, however, was that I had to organise a tournament with only around 30 days left until go-time – as the usual slot for Warsaw Open is November-December of every year. That might not seem like a major problem, but was a headache for two reasons. First, we didn’t know exactly how many tables we could fit in the new venue, so I had to limit the attendance to 30 people (which I now know was too much anyway) and two, there was a limited time window to contact potential sponsors.

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Exclusive Interplanetario Sneak Peek, Part Two

Continued from here, this is just a part of a series of articles regarding the recent Interplanetary tournament held in Vigo, Spain. You can find out more about the Infinity background thanks to Jan, who went to the Interplanetary with questions from the Polish and German communities.

Will the calendar of the setting start moving forward?
We always try to add new things into the lore with each released book. It has happened in C:Paradiso and in the Dire Foes lore packages. The intention is to add new lore elements in each book. For example, the next book will mention what has happened in Operation:Flamestrike on the Flamia island, in the campaign ran by Beasts of War. It is a challenge for the company, because the background has to now accommodate the narrative the players themselves created and it needs to be made plausible, too.

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A visit to the Mute Country

Last week, I had the pleasure of playing in a place far away from home. My Tohaa were tested against some new opponents. I even managed to meet some people I already know from elsewhere!

First, to answer the question of where exactly the Roaming Warcor has gone to, the Mute country from the title is actually Germany.Several places in the world are called differently in Polish than they are in any other language. Italy is called Włochy, and Hungary is Węgry, for example. Germany, in our funny language is called “Niemcy”, which, according to language scholars means “(Those) People who cannot speak”. Which makes fine sense, as since time long gone, the western borders of Poland was where the domain of the various Slavic peoples ended and where the Germanic people ruled. It’s a slight simplification, of course, as even today there are some Slavic people are living in Germany. For example, the regional parliament in Brandenburg even adopted a resolution to use the Lower Sorbian language as the second official language of the Land, and the Minister (regional Governor) of Saxony is actually a member of the Slavic minority. I heard he has a Polish wife, too…

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The Biggest Event of the year in Poland

The past weekend, the Infinity community of Poland was celebrating its biggest event of the year – the Polish Open Championship. This year the privilege of organising it went to Garran, the Warcor from Chełmża. We knew from previous years that the event was always top-notch, but this year I was positively surprised with both the attendance, the level of the tables and armies presented, and the amount of prize support provided by different sponsors.
Chełmża in itself is nothing remarkable, a small town with an eclectic mix of old medieval buildings and modern architecture. In times long gone it used to be a feudal town owned by the Teutonic Knights, the Military Order with which the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth has fought for more than 200 years. Today, it is more known for a very vibrant miniature games community.

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Friendly Local Gaming Store – Wargamer Wilcza, Warsaw

It’s been a while since my last post – visiting season is in full swing and that coupled with the fact that there are 2 major upcoming events in the country – The NATO Summit in July and World Youth Days in August, means I have very little time to spend on toy soldiers.  That doesn’t mean, however, that Infinity is completely on hold. Travelling around the world – maybe. Playing – still on.

Despite the adventurous name, the Roaming Warcor has an established base of operations – Warsaw, Poland. Warsaw is a 2 million strong capital of  the country, with a very vibrant miniature gaming community. The country, formerly part of the Russian sphere of influence has been embracing market economy since the fall of communism in 1989. What that means for war-gaming is that despite being non-existant in this particular area before the regime change, Poland is now one of the strongest European wargaming countries. Many factors contribute to that – a  big internal market being one of them, but I believe that the most important of them is the fact that the Polish people in general felt deprived of what they assumed was their joint share of the Western legacy and are now trying to make up the time lost. Since the very beginning of the Polish state, the country belonged geographically to the East but mentally to the West. It was the last Catholic country surrounded by Eastern Orthodoxy or Islam, it maintained strong ties with other powers of that time, among them Germany, Austria and France. Poles always felt a part of the occidental world, and rightfully so.

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A LARP Weekend – Dreamforge, Riga

Just this weekend I participated for the first time in a Model United Nations Conference in Riga, Latvia. As it turned out, Model United Nations (MUN for short) is a fairly popular conference type where participants act as mock-up UN delegates attending an official meeting of said organization. You get to vote and discuss topics such as human rights in South Sudan or how to cope with global warming and then you need to draft a resolution akin to the ones passed in the real UN. Sometimes, depending on the committee you participate in, you resolve historical crises, such as the Bolshevik revolution or the war of Independence in Ireland. All in all, it’s a fun LARP activity, for those who are a interested in politics and diplomacy and I very much recommend it.


Swag, is what I call it.

Besides my suit and some reading material I also made sure to pack 300 points of my Asari Tohaa. I knew I would be facing ALEPH, so I opted to take 2 Gao-Raels, something that I rarely do.

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The Roaming Warcor

The idea for this blog came to me, as many things do, on a long bus journey. Looking at the changing countryside from a comfortable seat of a vehicle has this kind of meditative trait that makes you contemplate things.

I like travelling and meeting new people and cultures, and one of my hobbies is Infinity:The Game, a tabletop war-game. I am a Warcor for the company producing it, which means I demonstrate the game to potential new players and I promote the game and the company itself through various kinds of events.

Infinity, being a small-scale skirmish war-game means that I can travel with a tournament-sized force to any of the places I visit – 15 models can fit in any bag without too many problems.

I wanted this blog to be of use for those looking for information on where they can play Infinity if they are visiting a new place for a short time. I know sometimes it can be a difficult task to get hold of such information without the necessary contacts, and so… here we go.